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My name is Kay and my background is in product and graphic design.

I started practicing mindfulness two years ago through the NeuroMuscular Centre and found it to be a very powerful tool to help support my own mental wellbeing. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the things I've learned along the way. 


I feel it is important to work in a transparent way offering warmth and acceptance ensuring people have a safe space to self explore. I am extremely passionate about helping others. 


The services offered are not intended for medical treatment, psychological, or psychiatric therapy. Mindfulness does not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. This service is not facilitated by a medical professional. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult a licensed health care professional.

What is Mindfulness?


Research has shown that mindfulness helps us reduce anxiety and depression. Mindfulness teaches us how to respond to stress with awareness of what is happening in the present moment, rather than simply acting instinctively, unaware of what emotions or motives may be driving that decision.


We are dedicated to supporting your mental wellbeing using short mindfulness meditations. Mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience. Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions from a distance, without judgment or the need to categories them as good or bad. The popularity of mindfulness is understandable with the complexity and informative distractions of our fast moving networked world. We explore different techniques, breathing exercises and relaxation ideas.


You can find all our meditations on SoundCloud, just look for NMC Mindfulness or follow the link below.


New meditations and updates are posted every fortnight.  If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please email kay.briggs@nmcentre.com. CD’s are also available on request.

We also have an NMC Mindfulness facebook group 


The Meditations

1. A quick introduction to mindfulness meditation



Description: If you haven't taken part in a mindfulness session before, this recording offers insights into what to expect. The internet can sometimes give false impressions depending on the style or source of the meditation. Our meditations are simple and can be adapted to support your requirements, with an understanding that everyone may be using mindfulness for different reasons.

2. The Body scan meditation


Description: The body scan is a 20 minute meditation that focuses on each area of the body in turn. The purpose is to tune into your body to reconnect your body and mind and take note of any sensations you're feeling. Some also find this meditation a good relaxation tool as it gives your mind something physical to focus on.

3. Kay’s 10 minute daily meditation


Description: This simple meditation is designed to fit into a busy day. You can practice any time throughout the day. This recording looks at awareness of breath and pattern of thought.

4. Breathing meditation for stress & anxiety


Description: This session focus is on controlled breathing to help reduce stress and anxiety by giving your lungs a gentle workout. By counting your breaths in and out in a controlled rhythm and holding for short moments, you can slowly reduce tension in your body and slow your heart rate to feel a sense of calm.

5. A dream destination in 20-minutes


Description: As many of you have missed holidays and found lockdown testing, this meditation is taking you away to your dream destination. Visualization relaxation is an effective way to relax the mind and body by imagining a relaxing scene, such as a beach, garden, meadow, or any other peaceful place. I wanted to takes you to a beautiful beach of your choice. If you are enjoying this version of meditation why not try it again with another location? Find a place that makes you smile.

6. Body Scan Express



The new body scan express meditation only takes 14 minutes to relax your whole body. From the tip of your toes to the top of your head, this session focuses on each body part in turn and controlled breathing. Being able to control your breathing can help you take control of your thoughts and emotions, too. Slow breathing helps reduce feelings of stress, increases positive emotions and create a sense of calm. It’s a really important component to practice your mindfulness. Sometimes just focusing on your breathing can help you get refocused and recharged.


7. Sleep Meditation



What is a meditation for sleep?

Our minds have a tendency to get caught up in thoughts that are perhaps strongest at bedtime when we suddenly stop and be still. A guided sleep meditation is a great method for helping you to let go of worrying thoughts and relax your body before bed. Like other forms of meditation, this practice involves moving your focus away from your mind to sensations in your body. The key with a sleep meditation is 100% body relaxation.


Why is quality sleep so important? 

Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. Sleep plays an important role in physical health. For example, sleep is involved in the healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. People who are sleep deficient are less productive at work and school. They take longer to finish tasks, have a slower reaction time, and can make more mistakes.


If you do try our meditations we would love to hear about your progress. This helps us understand what you find helpful and what you enjoy about the sessions.

Email kay.briggs@nmcentre.com

Mindfulness can help your mental wellbeing
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