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Virtual Dog Show 


Closing Date for Entries: 31st July 2020

Voting: 1st - 8th  August 2020


Does your canine pal have what it takes to be crowned King or Queen? Put your pooch on the podium from the comfort of your own home in aid of NMC this Summer with our first ever dog show! 


We are really missing our Wag n’ Walk sponsored dog walking series, and we know many of you are proud pooch owners, so we would love to see as many of your furry friends as possible. 


The categories: 

  • Waggiest Tail 
  • Best Dressed 
  • Sleepiest Beauty 
  • Craziest Canine 
  • Scruffiest Mutt 
  • Diva Dog 
  • Slobber Chops 
  • Show us your teeth 
  • Golden Oldie 
  • Best Looking 
  • Man’s Best friend 


Simply choose a photo or video that best fits the category and send it to us! First enter the competition (see entry fees and how to below) and then you have until Friday 31st July 2020 to submit your photo or video by email to claire.james@nmcentre.com 

Voting will take place between 1st and 8th August. 


Get your paws on a prize! 

The winners are all voted for by you. On Saturday 1st August, each entry will be uploaded to our designated Virtual Dog Show Facebook group. 

(An invitation will be sent to you to join the Facebook group once you have entered, though you don’t need a Facebook account to take part – just a few friends who do that will vote for your furry friend!) 

As soon as your photo is in the group on 1st August, you need to tell your family and friends to head to the group and get liking! The pooch with the highest number of likes will win the category.  

There will be a prize for the winning dog in each category, plus a prize for the overall winner (highest number of likes). 

You will have until Saturday 8th August at 9pm to cast your votes. 

The winners will be announced on Sunday 9th August. 



  • You must be over 16 to take part (if you are under 16, please ask a grown up to enter on your behalf). 

  • You must only submit ONE photo OR video per category.  

  • You cannot vote for your own dog. 

  • If you are entering more than one category, you must choose a different photo or video for each category. 

  • There is no limit to how many dogs and categories you enter, providing you use different photos or videos for each. 

  • You are very welcome to share your photos on your own social media pages, but any likes on these will not be counted towards the overall total. Voting is via our Facebook group only, on the photo uploaded by an NMC Administrator.  

  • Any entries that haven’t been paid for will not count. 

  • We welcome commenting on the uploaded photos, though anything offensive or abusive will be taken down. 

  • You are welcome to introduce yourself and post photos and videos on the group of your furry friends, other than the ‘official’ entry photos and show off your pooches as much as you like, but please note that any likes will not count towards the vote. 



Virtual Dog Show (Now - 31st July 2020)

  • Entry is £2 per dog per category. There is no limit to how many dogs and categories you enter! 


    For example, if you are entering 2 dogs into 2 categories, this will cost £8. If you are entering 1 dog into 3 categories, this will cost £6 


    If you are unclear, please email claire.james@nmcentre.com.


    You can enter online, by phoning our fundraising office on 01606 861733 or by sending a cheque. If you’re sending us a cheque, please state clearly which categories you are entering and provide your email address so we can contact you.  


    Once you have paid for your entries, you have until Friday 31st July 2020 to submit your photo or video by email to claire.james@nmcentre.com (Please state clearly in your email which categories you are entering). 

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