NMC launches a fishing club!

22 Aug 2019

We are constantly seeking funding and ideas for starting new clubs, with the aim of appealing to as many people as possible. We knew that Paul Baddeley (NMC Receptionist and Fundraising Assistant) and a few others had expressed an interest in fishing, so approached Paul to organise a day trip. Here’s how they got on: 


Paul - "I was asked to organise a day’s fishing earlier this year – I jumped at the chance because as a former fisherman, I used to take part in a lot of fishing contests. Sadly, the muscular dystrophy started to take over and I was forced to stop. I spoke to a few people at the Centre and didn’t realise how many people used to go fishing and had to stop due to their conditions. A lot of people wanted to just try it and hadn’t because they needed help. So, I got a couple of guys from the Angling Trust to help. They provided all the tackle and a group of fishermen to volunteer for the day and we had a great day’s fishing at Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich, Cheshire – it was a huge success. Everyone wanted me to arrange another day – we can only do this with the support of our volunteers and once again they all came forward and want to help on the 13th August, again at Old Hough Fishery. I spoke to the Angling Trust about starting a fishing club and they thought it would be a great idea and they managed to secure an amazing £1100 from the Cheshire Angling Development Group to set the club up and to purchase the fishing tackle. Everyone is so excited about us setting a club up, the Trust will provide the fishing tackle and volunteers to give people with MD the chance to go fishing – all the places are nearly taken already! With the funding from the Cheshire Angling Development Group, we will be able to organise many more fishing days next year and give club members the chance to use our fishing tackle and go fishing with a volunteer or family member”.  


A huge thank you on behalf of NMC to the Angling Trust and Cheshire Angling Development Group for all their support! Keep an eye on our social media pages for future Fishing Club dates and information.  


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