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between 3rd and 10th December 2019 to make a donation to NMC



We are delighted to announce that the Medlock Charitable Trust has chosen to support us in this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019! 

From 3rd -10th December, the trust will be match-funding donations that we receive online for one whole week! Our aim is to use this fantastic opportunity to raise £30,000 in celebration of NMC’s 30th year! #30for30! 


Donations to NMC can be made at


You may remember that during last year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge - which was very generously supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation - we raised a whopping £27,000, and we are hoping to build on this success this year.  


How can you get involved? 

  • Save the date! The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 will launch on #givingtuesday on 3rd December at midday and any donations that we receive (via our Big Give link) from then until 10th December at midday will be doubled! 

  • Pledge a donation! If you would like to pledge a donation in advance of the Big Give, contact Claire on 01606 861733, at claire.james@nmcentre.com, or send a message via our facebook page. We'll keep a note of your pledge and notify you when the Big Give is live so that you can make your donation. 

  • Organise a fundraising event! You could host a coffee morning, afternoon tea, quiz night, hold a 'dress down day' at your workplace, or do a sponsored challenge during the week of the Big Give. Remember, anything that you raise will be doubled! 

  • Spread the word! One donation, twice the impact. 


Please note that all donations must be made between midday on 3rd December and midday on 10th December in order to be eligible for match-funding. 


Last year we raised over £27,000 thank you to all our wonderful community and match funder

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