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With great pleasure we bring to you

the NMC Awards 2021 


As we all know the last eighteen months have been a strange and testing time for all of us. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate all the positives that 2020 had to offer by holding a virtual awards ceremony. Even though the pandemic has presented many problems, it has shown us new pathways forward and given the NMC a chance to say a big thank you to so many people. The loyalty towards the centre, thoughtfulness and kindness shown towards each other, hard work of our staff, many volunteers, people connected to our wider community, understanding and shared determination to help others get through this pandemic has been outstanding. 

This wasn’t a traditional awards ceremony, but it has allowed us to meet and greet every single person with such appreciation and compassion. It's been incredible to hear some many inspiring stories. We even had the chance to introduce you to the new marquee and invite you back into the centre one by one, while wearing your best outfit. A big thank you to everyone who nominated. We really hope you enjoy the videos; it’s been a real honour to present so many awards.  

We do sincerely apologise to those of you who haven’t had your video featured as we did experience a few problems with sound quality. Everyone's awards photos have been displayed in the last video.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in putting together these incredible awards, we couldn't have done it without you! It’s a proud moment for everyone in our community to look back on when they remember the year of 2020.  
If you would like a copy of your award photos, please email

NMC Awards Playlist
NMC Awards 1: Louise Clark, Ashleigh Smith, Heather Murrant, Gordon Styles, Andrea Duckworth and Debbie Richardson.
NMC Awards 2: Amy Gittins, Julie Blagbrough, Paul Baddeley, Emma Lowe, Shaun Buckley, Josh Morris Ashton 
NMC Awards 3 (Live in the House): Andrew Duffy, Darren Shepherd, Dillon Healey, James Taubman, Mark Chapman, Xander Wilson 
NMC Awards 4: Ali Evans, Carole Winstanley, Velvet Bolingbrook, Fiona Rice, Katherine Avery, Lynne Ormandy, Pat McWilliams
NMC Awards 5: Peter Higson, Caroline Wood, Elizabeth Bridcut, Vivienne Appanah, Tracey Anne, Karen Townsend, Sian Johnson
NMC Awards 6: Anne Craig, Lorraine Woolley, Marilyn and Bill Atkinson, Elly Miller, Theresa Matheson, Paul Orme
NMC Awards Slideshow: A selection of photographs taken during our award presentations.

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