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NMC Gardening Times

In 2019 the NeuroMuscular Centre began work to encourage the NMC community to make use of the outside space we have at the NMC but plans for continuing our outdoor activities at the NMC are currently very much on hold.

The NMC Gardening Times was borne out of the desire to keep people connected to the centre and to show that despite all the uncertainty right now, much beauty still exists in the world.

Over the last few weeks, staff and service users have been asked to share their gardening know how and to contribute photos of their outside spaces and what they see there during the time they are home.  If you love plants, gardens. birds, butterflies and wildlife, you can read our blog.


Our Chief Executive Matthew Lanham has also been sharing photos of the centre on Flickr while everyone is away. 

We also want to encourage you to join in by sharing photos and films of your plants, the places where you grow these and any wildlife you spot there. And we would love for you to share your gardening know how with us too, so if you grow amazing lupins and foxgloves, potatoes or tomatoes, please tell us how you do it.
Please email Toni, to join in.

Butterfly Watch

Have you ever wondered what butterflies are fluttering around your garden?

We have produced a print your own guide to British butterflies - simply click on the image opposite to download a copy.


Last year the NMC took part in the Big Butterfly Count, a nationwide survey aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment.


It was launched in 2010 and has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies with over 113,500 people taking part in 2019, submitting 116,009 counts of butterflies and day flying moths from across the UK. You can learn more about the project on the Big Butterfly Count website.

This year the centre hopes to take part once again when the count happens between Friday 17 July and Sunday 9 August 2020.


In the lead up to the event we would love for you to tell us about the butterflies you see in your gardens and to share your photos with us, either by posting them our Connect Up Facebook page using #NMCButterflyWatch or Toni,


These can be photos of butterflies you have seen in your garden over the summer of 2020 or photos of butterflies you have seen in previous years.  

Please send us your garden and wildlife photos, we would love to see them
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