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Poetry Group


NMC Poetry Group

The NMC Community has come together virtually during lockdown to enjoy poetry. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to feature some of the brilliant poetry that has been submitted.

The NMC poetry group now meets on the

2nd Wednesday of the month at 2pm on Zoom.

It is open to all and it will be wonderful to see you. Let’s get creative together!

If you’re interested and would like to work together, please email We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. 


Some of the poems will be published on the website but if you'd don't want yours displayed, please just let us know.

More About Our Poetry

  • We have covered subjects from Easter to Christmas and have explored different types of poetry. All the poems are written from the heart.  It would be wonderful to continue this great work to show off the amazing talent that lies within the NMC. 

  • There are many types of poetry to have a go at. We’ve already tried Couplets, Limerick’s, Ode’s, Acrostic, free verse and hope to try many more as we gain momentum. 


We hope you enjoy our selection of Limericks 


By Sarah Lalieu

There once was a woman called Sarah
Before lockdown her hair was much fairer
Her roots are now dark
The split ends now stark
That she’s applied to become a Crow Scarer

By Elizabeth Bridcut

There was a young lady of Wirral,
Whose garden contained a grey squirrel,
A grey one, oh drat!
Just a furry tailed rat!
From whence came that vermin so feral?

By Dawn Hunt

I know a sweet girl called Laura
She will only eat chicken pakora
Her trumps don’t smell great
But hang on, just wait

She’s my daughter

& I totally adore her


♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 

By Claire Donnolly

There once was a boy called Finn,
Whose stomach’s a bottomless bin,
He eats 5 meals a day
Then burns it away
So he’s still amazingly thin! 

There once was a lady called Clare
Who was bored and fancied a dare
She went shopping and spied
A range of new dyes
And now she has shocking pink hair! 

By Lynne Ormandy

There once was a bird from the west
Who put his strong voice to the test
He tweeted so loud
It attracted a crowd
And declared that he was the best

When we get caught up in showers 
We stay damp for hours and hours
Just the slightest light drizzle 
Can make us all grizzle 
At least it is good for the flowers

A lady who wanted a horse
Went on a short riding course
She hadn't the touch
She fell off so much
So instead bought a rabbit named Morse

There was a dentist from hot Tenerife
Who had such terrible teeth
To brush he'd forgotten
His teeth got so rotten
And caused him a whole lot of grief

There was a women from Sale
Who got whipped up in a gale
She waved each hand 
As she started to land
On the grass and looked rather pale

By Hannah Williams

There was a young girl who liked sewing 
And her fabric kept growing and growing
She got home one night
And had a great fright
To see her house overflowing

By Nick Adigu Burke

There once was a writer from Yosemite
Who fell asleep in a Cemetery
He woke up afraid
In a freshly dug grave
Then rose to write his obituary.

There was a woman from Glenridding
Who used her tights for fishing.
She once caught a pike
With a terrible bite
And now has one leg missing.

By Tracey Anne Pilato

Constantly concocting a treat,
The Fun, Fantastical Pete.
Because of his fudge,
We now hold a grudge,
With huge bellies obscuring our feet!

By NMC Online with Connect Up


The NMC is a marvellous place
Where everything goes a a leisurely pace
The Gym can be fun
For toning your Bum
Working out with the utmost of grace 

By Andrea Duckworth

There was a man called Pete
Who loved dancing to the beat
Until that was
He'd had one too many
When he promptly fell off his seat.

There was a young man called Bryn
Who was very tall and slim
He filled his plate 
And ate and ate
And became known as 'the dustbin'

There was a man from Flint
Who worked in Design and Print
He loved cooking and baking
Would share what he was making 
So we could all have a stint

There was a lady from Devon
Who was in scone heaven!
She had not one, but three
Indulgent cream teas
And that was before eleven! 

There was a Princess called Kate
Whose smile would radiate
Her warmth, her calm
The offer of an arm
The epitomy of serenity and charm

There was a man called Mark
Who rose with the Lark
He mowed his lawns 
As great works of art
And they almost resembled Hyde Park

By Elycia Ormandy

A handsome young chef from Peru
Concocted a burning hot stew
It made his teeth curl
Sent his nose in a whirl
So he sent for the fire fighting crew

A swimmer I once knew as Lance
Decided to paddle to France
He discarded his socks
Crumpled up on the rocks
Then set off with a wave and a prance

By Toni Abram


There once was a woman called Toni
Who spent all her time in her garden
She sowed and she mowed
She pottered, she hoed
And her flowers grew tall, with the love that she showed.


More of Our Poetry (opens pdf documents)


Please join us for our monthly poetry get togethers
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