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Poetry Group


NMC Poetry Group

Over the past 12 months our NMC Community have come together virtually to enjoy poetry. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to feature some of the brilliant poetry that has been submitted.

We would also really love to develop our poetry community more by having monthly poetry get-togethers via Zoom. We can then share and enjoy our work together. Our first Zoom get-together is on Wed 12th May at 2pm and will be free verse on anything that captures your imagination.

It is open to all and it will be wonderful to see you. Let’s get creative together!

If you’re interested and would like to work together, please email We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. 


Some of the poems will be published on the website but if you'd don't want yours displayed, please just let us know.

More About Our Poetry

  • We have covered subjects from Easter to Christmas and have explored different types of poetry. All the poems are written from the heart.  It would be wonderful to continue this great work to show off the amazing talent that lies within the NMC. 

  • There are many types of poetry to have a go at. We’ve already tried Couplets, Limerick’s, Ode’s, Acrostic, free verse and hope to try many more as we gain momentum. 


We hope you enjoy our poems for 


Easter Tale by Traceyanne

We all know of the cute, Easter Bunny,
But I know a Tale that’s equally funny,
‘Bout the wee, elusive, Easter Mouse’s,
Most of us have them living in our houses!
The Bunny arrives carrying eggs by the score,
Quickly deposited then back out the door.
Cadbury, Galaxy, milk chocolate or dark,
Whose is who's being the big question mark?
Eggs all divided, then squirreled away,
No one’s for sharing at the end of the day.
One for you,
One for me,
Now there’s a problem, we seem to have three.
Wee Mouse’s have watched the ensuing foray.
This is their time to come out to play.
They sneak, tiptoe, into our hidden stores.
Under the bed and underwear drawers.
Easter egg stashes finally found.
Nibbled on plenty without a sound.
Bellies all full, a smile on their face.
Quick scurry away leaving no trace.
Owners return, none the wiser.
That’s what comes of being an Easter egg Miser!
However, playing at Miss Marple, I’m certainly no dummy
My Easter Mouse was actually my Mummy!

Easter 2020 by Andrea

An unusual Easter this year with Covid Lockdown in place

The NMC community still connects, just not face to face!


The on-line Facebook Group has helped us keep sane

And the beautiful sunshine kept away the rain. 

We've had DJ Lollipop and DJ Markus with their radio shows galore

Entertaining us with great songs and leaving us wanting more.


There have been Podcasts from Mark Chapman with various special guests

And Gordon's NMC Quiz 

which really was a test.


We've had workouts with the physio team 

Exercising arms, legs and core

Doing their very best to help us mobilise

So, we don't fall on the floor!


We've discussed gardening and art, films and books too

And enjoyed coffee and crosswords as well

We've had Pete's Eats a plenty with delicious fudge

And for the Easter raffle winners the calories won't budge!


Sarah and Elly have encouraged us to create

lots of butterflies in all shapes and forms

From felt to mosaics there's lots of choice 

To give NMC a birthday voice.


We have also grown sunflowers from seed 

for a wonderful display in the Meadow 

free from weeds! 


Technology has enabled activities for all 

Whilst we have been safe at home within 4 walls


It was different this Easter

But when we look back and see

What the NMC really does best is connecting, 

whether face to face or virtually! 

A Renaissance of Our Own by Nick (Adigu Burke)
Often, I reminisce about Easters from my past. I wished I'd cherished those times better, or drew them out, made them last.
I remember the lead up, the beginning of Spring, excited, mouth-watering, expectant for the goodies that bunny would bring. And boy, he didn't disappoint, eggs aplenty - enough chocolate to sink a boat.
But now, in adulthood, I think deeper. I consider Easter and the truth of its meaning. I see Change afoot - a mother (in all but name), a mother giving birth to the beginning and to the end.
It is a time to be spent wisely, to reflect on the lives we wish to live. It is time to leave the shadows of previous incarnations behind, as the Spring leaves
behind Winter's cold and bitter throes.
We must grow, sprout out of our pasts like fresh shoots of grass. We must rise from the soil, strong and unspoilt, to complete our renaissance.  We must become our dreams, become all we are meant to be.
The end

Chocolate Memories by Lorraine Woolley

I cherish childhood Easter times
Family memories, days gone by
Coloured foil on chocolate eggs 
Cadbury purple, ruby reds
Lots of surprises with jelly treats 
5 eggs each, too many to eat
Mum shouts, “stop you might be sick!”
“You won’t eat your dinner
You’ll rot your teeth!”
Such happy times and happy days 
Wonderful memories here to stay 

The Easter Bunny

Bounding forth comes the Easter Bunny
He's terribly fast and terribly funny
He brings chocolate eggs for the kids
Some in boxes covered with lids
The Bunny hides the eggs here and there 
For the children to find and then to share
It really is such fun 
To be paid a visit by the Eater Bun


Easter Time by Lynne Ormandy

Flowers swaying in the breeze
Blossom pink on lofty trees
New life is all around
In the air and on the ground
Frolicking lambs and calves in sheds
Birds sitting on their feathered beds
Light April showers bring the rain
Easter time is here again

Please join us for our monthly poetry get togethers
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