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Thank You to all our Volunteers - Friday

It's Volunteers' week, and we are giving thanks to all of the amazing people that support the NMC every day this week.

Today we want to thank everyone that has volunteered to help our fundraising team. Our fundraising activities really do rely on the efforts of our amazing volunteers.

These are some of the things they do for us:

  • Collections and bag packs

  • Stuffing envelopes and preparing mail shots

  • Manning stalls and tombolas

  • Sponsored activities and planning their own events in aid of NMC

  • Helping with 'behind the scenes' admin

  • Volunteering at one of the NMC events to do anything from marshalling or ushering, collecting tickets and manning gates, serving canapes or champagne, litter picking, selling bunny ears and air guitars, setting up and taking down and selling raffle tickets.

Volunteers really do make our world go round!

No matter what you do to help out, you'll have a great time doing it and meet a lot of interesting people in the process. If you would like to volunteer then please let us know!

Thursday's thank you

On #ThoughtfulThursday and day four of #VolunteersWeek we would like to thank everyone who has given their time, skills and support to help us improve our mindfulness and well-being.

Many people have given their time, throughout the last year, to teach workshops and led sessions at the NMC. This has covered all kinds of things from stress management sessions, massage tutorials, hair dressing appointments, to cooking skills, choir, pottery and staying safe online (plus a whole host of other activities in between). All of these things help to improve our mental health by giving us information or techniques, teaching us to pamper ourselves, or let ourselves be pampered, or by giving us a creative outlet.

But, since lock down started, the true stars of the show have been the members of the NMC Online with Connect Up facebook group. Thank you for volunteering your time, and kind words, to support one another and allow our community to keep thriving. In these troubled times, having a group of friends to turn to for fun, laughter and support is so very important - and YOU have made this happen.

So thank you to everyone that has helped throughout the year, but give yourself a pat on the back while you're at it!

The pigeon photo (by Traceyanne Pilato) was chosen as it sums this group up brilliantly: never a dull moment and always full of mad and creative ideas!

We are also celebrating all the wonderful individuals and groups that attend our Fundraising Collection days to raise money for us! These people are truly amazing; giving up hours of their time to support us. A huge thank you to all collection volunteers!

Wednesday's celebration

Day three of Volunteers' week is #WorkOutWednesday so we want to thank everyone who has helped us to get active.

Every Wednesday we are ‘treated’ to a workout with the NMC Therapies team. Big shout out to all the volunteers that support us for physio and in the gym. We really appreciate all you do to support the NMC and us.

We want to say a huge thank you to:

  • All of the student volunteers that have helped with our Sports Days and Bushcraft sessions.

  • To everyone that has helped the NMC Titans football team (GO TITANS).

  • To the folks that have helped to make DofE such a fabulous success.

  • To the people that have supported our community members to undertake wild, exciting, and sometimes terrifying, physical challenges to help them raise money for the NMC.

  • And, a massive thank you to all of the people that have undertaken these challenges too - you are all mad but absolutely brilliant! From running marathons, cycling throughout the night, or across the country, flying planes, wing walking, sit skiing, traversing zip wires and walking up mountains - our supporters really don't say no to anything! We are incredibly grateful for the money that you have raised for us, but also for the inspiration and motivation that you have given us.

Thank you from everyone at the NMC

Tuesday's thank you

For day two of Volunteers' week, we want to say a massive thank you to all of the fabulous volunteers that have helped to make the NMC grounds a place of relaxation, fun and sanctuary for our community and the local wildlife.

From individual community members and visitors, to local businesses and organisations, we have had a raft of helpful green fingered folk tend to our flora.

We would also like to give a special mention to the volunteers that have been helping us to care for your sunflowers (very safely and with social distancing). The plants are looking great, but they really do need a lot of TLC, especially in the intense sunshine that we have had recently.

We all love our grounds, and we know that you do to.

Today, we are also celebrating our amazing Events volunteers! Live in the Park at Arley Hall is one of the highlights of our calendar. Sadly our concert isn't taking place this year, but we're reflecting on the incredible contribution of all the volunteers that make this and our other events happen. We're missing you, and look forward to seeing you all again! Thank you for everything you do for us.

Monday's celebration

As it is #CreativeMonday, we would like to say a huge thank you to NMC Craft Club and NMC Shed Club.

Not only are they volunteering throughout lockdown to make facemasks on behalf of the NMC, they also worked tirelessly throughout the last year to help the Centre in any way the could, from sharing skills and time with other community members, to raising £2,400 at the Christmas Craft Fayre with their wonderful hand made products.

They are a fantastic bunch of people who really do show their care through beautiful hand made crafts and wood work.

To find out more about our Craft and Shed Clubs please see our NMC Clubs page

If you would like to know more about volunteers week then take a look here:

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