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A Fond Farewell!

Many of you will know Gordon Styles, who has been part of the team here since the beginning!

Across his 32 years of service, Gordon has taken on many roles at NMC including Physiotherapy Assistant, Fundraiser, Covid Safety Officer and Driver as well as many unofficial but equally integral roles such as Chief Steward at The Spirit of Christmas, Head of Concert Traffic at Live in the Park, Egg Head, bringer of traffic cones and master of car parking at our various Open Days, NMC's answer to Chris Froome, coffee club founder, and much more...

Regarded by many as the 'heart' and 'foundation' of NMC, always ready with a smile and football banter, we can't really imagine the Centre without Gordon - who sadly leaves us on Friday 27th January to embark on a new challenge at Manchester Airport!

We're holding a farewell party at midday on Friday 27th Jan and would like to invite everyone that would like to wish Gordon well on his new adventure!

If you're unable to come but would like to bid a fond farewell, please drop us an email to with your favourite Gordon memory and we'll gather them all to present to him.

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