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NMC Wellbeing Programme


The NMC has provided a fully accessible, holistic approach to therapy for many years. This year this has been formalised this into a yearlong programme with a variety of events, sessions, activities open to the NMC community.

The programme has 4 seasons, each with its own core theme. The first season (Winter) focused on Mental Health


The focus of this season (Spring) is Nutrition and Wellbeing.


This will encompass subjects such as swallowing, diets, and women's/men's health. There will be a selection of speakers from inside and outside NMC.


There will be seated Yoga available every Tuesday afternoon being adapted to suit the NMC community by two excellent Yogis.


We are also going to provide cooking demos for quick and healthy meals you can make at home!

Spring Wellbeing Programme

The Spring programme will begin on Tuesday 13th April and will comprise of:

  • Seated Yoga and Breathing at 1pm every Tuesday.

  • Our live exercise sessions with our Therapies team continue every Wednesday at 11:30am.

  • Knowledge sessions with NMC Therapies commence on Thursday 15th April. These sessions will continue fortnightly.

  • On the alternate Thursday, there will be Cooking Demonstrations.

Click here for full details of NMC's Spring Wellbeing Programme. (opens as pdf). 

Please note: We are hoping to offer the option to attend in person for the cooking demonstrations (as well as via Zoom). This must pre-booked. All other sessions will be via Zoom only.

We also have a number of regular Connect Up Activities and Events.

Please see our Connect Up page for more information or email 

Our What's On section also gives details of this week's activities.

Winter Wellbeing - Facts and Figures

The winter wellbeing course was a huge success! The knowledge, exercise, mindfulness and music sessions were very popular across our community. This programme has had more uptake than any other in NMC history.

  • We had 110 individuals sign up to the sessions, with 78 individuals attending at least one session.

  • More females than males attended with the most popular age being 46-55.

  • The knowledge sessions run by Bryn and Paul were the highest attendance topping out at 40.


We will be getting feedback from those who attended soon to see how we can improve in the future.  


Please don't forget to sign up for the Spring Programme (Even if you attended the Winter Wellbeing, we still need you to sign up to the Spring one).

Latest Wellbeing News

To sign up, please call us on 01606 861799 or 01606 860911, or email
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