NMC Clubs

NMC Fishing Club

NMC’s newest club, run by NMC Receptionist and Fundraiser Paul Baddeley.

Thanks to the generous support of the Angling Trust and Cheshire Angling Development Group, who funded £1100 to purchase all the equipment necessary to get started, Paul has been able to begin this exciting new venture.

In May 2019, Paul was approached to organise a Fishing Day, and it soon emerged that many in our community were previous fishermen or had an interest in fishing, but had not been able to pursue this due to their condition.

The trip was so successful that a further event was soon scheduled, and with the help of the Angling trust, sought funding for it to become a permanent fixture.


We will be organising more fishing trips soon and are on the look out for volunteers and members, so if you are interested in supporting then please contact Paul: paul.baddeley@nmcentre.com or 01606 861733.

Shed Club

Run by volunteers, some of whom have a neuromuscular condition, that construct and create a range of handcrafted wooden items including planters, magazine racks, tables and chairs.

Using recycled and donated wood, Shed Club produce items for the Centre and bespoke creations for the community, with all proceeds donated towards the cost of running NMC. 

Shed club members have created a warm, inclusive and therapeutic environment for our community, with adapted equipment that also ensures everyone can participate and that it is safe to use. 

Many of Shed Club’s members were facing a period in their life in which they felt they lacked purpose before joining, and this has helped them to find their way again.  

We’d love for Shed Club to run every day, so please get in touch if this sounds like your kind of thing!  

Craft Club

Craft Club is a volunteer led group that makes a range of beautiful handmade creations, including greeting cards, knitted blankets, cushions, bags and much more.

They hold regular meetings and workshops to share their passion, learn new skills, host events, and most importantly; enjoy each other’s company.

Whether you’re new to crafting or have been making handmade goods for years, everyone is welcome and included. Some of our crafters sell their creations to raise money for the Centre, and others craft for the sheer enjoyment of it or to give unique gifts to their loved ones – whatever your motivation, we’d love you to join us.  

Gardening Club

NMC is surrounded by a gorgeous meadow filled with a fantastic range of wildlife. To keep it maintained in its idyllic state, Gardening Club get together throughout the year to enable the grounds to flourish.

Open to everyone, our Gardening Club is always looking for new ideas and expertise. Its initiatives are entirely green and NMC’s new greenhouse is fully accessible with raised flower beds to ensure all our wonderful community can get involved. The Club have created a tranquil and therapeutic environment for carers and people with neuromuscular conditions alike to get stuck in.

Using a mix of donated and bought seeds, the members cultivate and grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs which are often sold at NMC with all proceeds going towards supporting our much-needed services. Whilst the winter months may be quieter, they provide the perfect opportunity for planning.

Gardening Club also works collaboratively with other voluntary groups including corporate teams, wellbeing groups and young people’s clubs to create an inclusive, diverse and open atmosphere.

We’re always looking for new members, so please contact us if you’d be interested in joining us.  

People come from all over the UK, from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances