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NMC Gardening


For details please email Sarah or Elly at or call us on 01606 860911.

NMC Get Up and Grow

NMC Get Up and Grow is our gardening club for anyone interested in volunteering in the NMC garden, wanting gardening hints and tips, or to share yours with others or simply interested in watching how the garden grows.

Regular gardening sessions are every Monday morning at 10.30am - 12pm under the guidance of our Monty Deb.

Our gardening club has it's own closed facebook group


If you love plants, gardens. birds, butterflies and wildlife, you will find lots of useful information in our blog.

NMC Allotment Garden

During 2021 the NMC allotment garden has been transformed from a bare patch of weeds and soil into a verdant oasis boasting a wide variety of produce.


Members of our community have been involved in planting seeds, repotting, weeding, and harvesting under guidance from our own Monty Deb, recruited to support the gardening activities.

We are exploring how we can involve more people in the future to maximise the benefit for all visitors to the NMC.


If you have any ideas / would like to be involved please let us know.

Please send us your garden and wildlife photos, we would love to see them
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