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Welcome Day and Physiotherapy Assessment

Welcome Day

At your NMC Welcome Day, you will have a tour of our Centre, meet some of those who have physiotherapy here, as well as those who work, study, exercise and get support here. You will meet with one of our specialist physiotherapists and will also normally get the opportunity to chat with our Support and Development Manager, with whom you can discuss the day-to-day implications of living with a neuromuscular condition and how some of those may be addressed.

Please bring family, friends and carers if you would like. We aim to support the whole family and everyone will be made most welcome.

Our facilities are as accessible as possible. We have a range of different toilets/bathrooms to cater for those with a range of mobility. Wheelchair users will find our Centre easy to navigate. We’re all on one level and mainly open plan. The Centre has an adapted kitchen and large lounge area. We encourage you to bring a packed lunch and spend time with us over lunchtime chatting with others who come to NMC. We have facilities for making tea and coffee.

Physiotherapy Assessment

When you first attend NMC for physiotherapy you will need to have a physiotherapy assessment. This is an opportunity for the physiotherapist to learn more about your history, understand your goals and priorities, and undertake measurements of things like muscle strength, balance, range of movement etc. Physiotherapy assessments at the NMC typically last a maximum of a couple of hours, and you are welcome to bring any carers, friends or family members with you. Following your assessment, the physiotherapist will work with you to create a treatment plan, and they will also produce a written report to inform other health professionals involved in your care. 

Even if you have met many physiotherapists in the past, every physiotherapy assessment is slightly different. If you have any questions regarding your physiotherapy assessment before you attend, please don’t hesitate to contact the department.


We are always keen to consider new treatment options and further develop our services.
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