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Trusts and

Grants from Trusts and Foundations are a large part of our income at NMC. Core, project and capital funding opportunities are available and if you are able to support us please get in touch.

Contact: Lyndsey Cannon-Potts Grants and Contracts Manager

01606 861733

Some Funded Projects 
  • Support for young people is a vital part of NMC. From enabling work experience opportunities, training and development, emotional support, delivering the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and encouraging independence is done by our Young Persons Support Coach. This role is funded by a local Foundation.


  • The latest addition to our Neuromuscular Gym, a Balance Trainer was purchased following several grant donations.


  • Connect Up, NMC’s social connectivity project is enabled thanks to a 3 year funding pledge.

It costs £3,000 per day to run The NeuroMuscular Centre
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