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Young Persons Events


For information, please email Sarah: or Amy:

Young Persons Activities & Events

At NMC we have a number of exciting events and activities throughout the year, from our popular Gaming Days to our Up,Up and Away events which focus on independent living

All the fun and innovative events and activities we offer provide a safe and friendly environment where you can ask all those burning questions and just be you.  

The events also provide lots opportunities to attend information sessions and learn new skills, as well as some time to kick back, chat and socialise. 

Upcoming and Past Activities and Events
NMC Gaming Days

Our Gaming Days always prove popular with people with a variety of neuromuscular conditions attending plus an array of carers and NMC staff.

Everyone joins in, one way or another – whether that is gaming, chatting or cheering on!

Join in with our Gaming Days! 

  • Monday 19th February, 11am-3pm 

  • Monday 20th May, 11am-3pm 

  • Monday 19th August, 11am-3pm 

  • Monday 18th November, 11am-3pm 

Consoles, boardgames and snacks provided.


At one of our Gaming Days, we were joined by Everyone Can, a charity all about adaptive gaming and proving that ‘everyone can’ take part in gaming. The lovely guys from the charity gave a short talk to explain a little about what they do and spent time talking to the attendees about how they could help those individuals.

DofE Days

We have several Duke of Edinburgh Days this year


  • Wednesday 13th March, 12pm-3pm 

  • Wednesday 15th May, 12pm-3pm 

  • Wednesday 17th July, 12pm-3pm 

  • Wednesday 11th September, 12pm-3pm 

  • Wednesday 13th November, 12pm-3pm 


Each afternoon will focus on a different part of DofE whilst being a relaxed, social event with refreshments. The sessions will be a great opportunity to ask all your questions about anything DofE related, get ideas and move forwards with your award. 

Get in touch with Amy for more info.


Check out our DofE page for further information about our DofE Award Scheme. 

Up, Up and Away

Our next Up, Up and Away event is on Saturday 14th September.


Our Up, Up and Away events are an opportunity for our young people & their families to explore issues that affect them.

The events focus on all aspects of independent living from learning to drive and physio to training courses, 3D printing and laser cutting. Topics such as our DofE award, accessible gaming, work & volunteering, university life and much more are also explored.


In addition, the events are an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, socialise, have fun, learn new skills and make plans.

For further information please contact

Activity Week at Bendrigg Trust

The NMC organised an activity week away at the Bendrigg Trust for young people in October last year and are planning more trips in the future. Please get in touch if you are interested in this activity.


This amazing opportunity for the NMC community allows those of us with disabilities to get a week away doing something fun and enriching. It's a chance to get a break from our normal routines to do something new and exciting!

Bendrigg Trust is fully accessible and fully equipped. The NMC DofE cohorts have stayed at Bendrigg a number of times, taking part in activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, archery and orienteering so we are familiar with the set-up and level of accessibility provided. 

The activities are well thought out and NMC works with Bendrigg to tailor the activities and schedule to meet the needs of every individual in the group. Everyone, no matter the level of ability, is included and are able to join in for all the activities they wish to.


For photos and information of our previous DofE expeditions at Bendrigg, please see our DofE Achievements page.

Curriculum Vitae
Business Meeting
Youth Entrepreneur Skills

An exciting Youth Entrepreneur Skills (YES) Course was held for our community. The course aimed to increase participants' knowledge, confidence and skill set for them to enter or progress in the world of paid / voluntary work. 

There were four learning sessions that included content about

  • CV's,

  • Interviews,

  • What to expect in the workplace and

  • Managing finances.

All participants received a PDF certificate for completing the course, and had access to the resources from the course.

"...coming here has increased my confidence and self-esteem."
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