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To contact our Support Manager, Denise Boyall please give her a call on 01606 860 911 or email her using our Contact Form.

NMC supports a community of over 3,000 people with a wide range of neuromuscular conditions and has a wealth of experience, knowledge, ideas and resources to be tapped into.


We can help with many aspects of your life; from benefits to equipment, home adaptations, work, vehicles and holiday venues.

We offer continuous support, available to anyone with a neuromuscular condition and to their family, friends, colleagues and carers.


Welcome Days are held monthly at NMC, allowing the opportunity to meet people, see our facilities and hear about the many ways you can get involved with the Centre.

Living With a
Neuromuscular Condition

Living with a neuromuscular condition can present many challenges to daily life. Please do not worry alone -  there are people at NMC to support you.

Young People

NMC supports young people with neuromuscular conditions to achieve their goals and aspirations in life.

Family, Friends and

We offer support for family, friends and carers in many ways. There is always someone available to answer questions, talk, discuss ideas and work with you to find solutions. 

Connect Up

Connect Up keeps our community together and helps to reduce social isolation and loneliness. We have a wide range of activities and groups for anyone with a neuromuscular condition, their family, friends and carers. 

There is something for everyone so please join us!

"NMC is a very definite lifeline for advice, help and support."
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