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Family, Friends and Carers

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NMC offers support and services for family members or friends who have a caring role for someone with a neuromuscular condition.

People often consider a carer to be a paid employee and do not recognise that, in offering help and support without payment to a family member or friend, they are acting as a carer.

NMC carer support is bespoke to each person's lifestyle and needs.

Regular Breaks

Whilst the person with a neuromuscular condition attends the NMC for physiotherapy, training, work, complementary therapy or social event, their family member can receive a regular time for themselves.

We provide activities for carers to continue their skills. Eg. volunteering, clubs and training. 

Respite Support

The NMC provides a respite service as part of Cheshire West Care support service. This is a bespoke service to support the lifestyle and needs of people for times of unexpected or emergency events.

Someone with a neuromuscular condition can use the facilities and support of the NMC including NMC transport to collect them. This can be arranged at short notice for any weekday between 9am to 5pm.

Information and Advice

We are large community of people across all areas of the country. Support for people is offered in many ways. There is always someone available to answer questions, talk, discuss ideas and work with you to find solutions. This can be in person if you can attend the centre or by phone or email.


There is also support to help provide information and assist you in making contact with your local services when needed. 

Whilst you relax in the NMC lounge area, there are many information booklets and resources for you to read along with copies of our regular NMC community magazine Our Voice available.

We are innovative, passionate and strive to help as many people as possible. 
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