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3D Printing Club

NMC 3D Printing Club

Our 3D Printing Club meets at 10am every Tuesday.

It is a friendly space for designing and making 3D objects. You don’t need to be an expert or a designer, we’ll guide you.


We have been using our Prusa i3 Mk3 3D Printer to make everything from straw holders for drinks, wheelchair frame blanking plates, face shields and bespoke items for the NMC community.

We are not on site or active every day so please be patient for us to get in touch. If you have a 3D printing idea please, fill in our request form.

We also regularly print products designed and tested by the community:

  • Straw holders - Helps those of us who need to drink with straws, a food safe support that fits most cups and glasses.

  • Bottle openers - Helps those of us with limited group to open a standard water bottle top.

  • Can openers - Helps to open aluminium drink can tops.

  • Slugs - Fun and cute model of a slug articulated so that it behaves like a slug, moulding to a surface.

  • Joysticks - Custom joystick adaptations made to measure for the communities needs.


You can also find out more at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For further information on our 3D Printing Club, please contact Kay on 01606 860911 or 

3D_printing (11).jpeg
Please join us on Tuesday mornings
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