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3D Printing Club

NMC 3D Printing Club

Our 3D Printing Club meets at 10am via Zoom every Tuesday.


It is a friendly space for designing and making 3D objects. You don’t need to be an expert or a designer, we’ll guide you.


They have been experimenting with the NMC’s Prusa i3 Mk3 3D Printer making desktop logos, straw holders for drinks, phone holders and wheelchair frame blanking plates. 

During the 1st lockdown our 3D Printing Club worked hard creating face shields and surgical mask straps.


For further information on our 3D Printing Club, please contact Kay on 01606 860911 or 

You can also check out our blog using the link below.

3D_printing (11).jpeg
Please join us to on Zoom on Tuesday mornings
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