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Benefits of Exercise in Neuromuscular Conditions

NMC’s Neuromuscular Gym

NMC’s Neuromuscular Gym is a purpose-built facility which is currently the only one in Europe! The gym features more than a dozen items of accessible equipment to suit all needs - including resistance and cardiovascular equipment - and can accommodate multiple users at any given time.

A member of the physiotherapy team is on hand throughout any session, providing the physical support to enable individuals to access the equipment, and monitoring all outputs including cardiovascular levels and respiratory function before, during and after exercise. There are over 500 gym appointments available each month and a full induction is provided prior to your first session.

Exercise in Neuromuscular Conditions

For many years, people with neuromuscular conditions were told to be wary of exercise for fear of overusing or causing injury to weak muscles. However, modern understanding – including research which has been conducted in the gym at NMC – is telling us that appropriate exercise is safe for people with a neuromuscular condition and is one of the best ways of helping to manage the symptoms they experience. 

Exercise not only helps to maintain the strength, function and flexibility of muscles, but is also one of the most effective ways of managing the ongoing pain and discomfort that some people with neuromuscular conditions may experience. Furthermore, regular physical activity is essential in helping to keep our cardiovascular and breathing systems functioning well, as well as helping us to maintain a healthy weight. 

While there are countless physical benefits to undertaking regular physical activity, regular movement – particularly in a social setting such as the NMC gym – is known to boost our mood, self-image and feelings of control when living with a long-term condition.

"...improves my joint movement through me using the accessible gym."
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