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About Us

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The NMC was founded in 1990, born out of a dearth of services and opportunities for (mainly young) adults with neuromuscular conditions including muscular dystrophy, and family’s fears of “dropping off a cliff” in terms of service and support. It was a determination to plug that gap, combined with an equal determination to enable fulfilling and productive lives for those living with these disabling conditions, that led to the foundation of NMC.


This new independent charity began to offer specialist Physiotherapy services on a very small scale, funded initially by one of the first Comic Relief Grants.


Demand for services grew steadily and so too did NMC’s resources.  

Soon after, NMC Design+Print was formed; a vibrant, award-winning and commercially successful Social Enterprise run by people with muscular dystrophy, generating a surplus to re-invest in the work of the NMC.  

What We Do
  • NMC provides a range of unique services and specialist advice with the sole aim of improving the quality of life for adults with neuromuscular conditions, including muscular dystrophy. There's no other Centre like us in the UK or Europe! 

  • Our physiotherapy service provides ongoing treatment for adults and young people with neuromuscular conditions where the NHS does not. Physio is crucial in maintaining muscle strength and tone for longer, helps with pain management, enables people to stay in work longer, to exercise safely and as a consequence live healthier and fitter lives.  

  • NMC has an infectiously warm, welcoming and positive culture. The emphasis is on what you can do and not on what you can't do. Our popular training courses support this ethos - working to provide opportunities and options for people who sometimes find it hard to see a positive future. 

  • NMC is a community that totals over 3,000 people. We have people come from all over the UK, from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. We also have a small number who come to us from continental Europe on a regular basis – highlighting the absence of comparable services elsewhere in the UK and Europe.  

  • Whilst NMC has a largely adult focus, over the last 7 years we have introduced Short Break and Support services for younger teenagers to help them, and their families, successfully navigate the changes often referred to as “Transition”. 

  • The Centre is fully accessible and has Care and Support staff to provide essential help, enabling people to train or work as independently as possible. The Centre has a fleet of accessible minibuses which provide daily transport for our Students and Employees. 

Our President

“The NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC) is a fantastic project which I have been involved with for some years now - my wife Sarah is one of the two co-founders of the charity. 

I am all too aware that, in the past, there was very little opportunity for young people with muscular dystrophy to realise their potential - the chances and choices available to others were just not open to them. 

But then The NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC) was created. User led, and increasingly user run, the Centre answers as many of the needs of those with Muscular Dystrophy in the region as it can. 

I am proud to be the Centre's President and I have watched with delight, and respect as the Centre has gone from success to success. The dream has become a reality, and the extraordinary and unique work that the Centre does must be encouraged and sustained. 

I would urge you to join with me in supporting this unique initiative offering hope and a sense of purpose and worth where before there was none." 

Our Patron

We are thrilled to have the Former Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire David Briggs, M.B.E.,K.St.J. as our Patron. 

After graduating with a law graduate David has been Managing Director of several companies including one of the UK’s leading retailers and distributors of musical instruments, Dawsons Music. David is also Managing Director of Maxilin Ltd a confectionery manufacturing business. 

David’s involvement with the voluntary sector spans almost four decades and he was appointed Knight of the Order of St John in 2011 by St John Ambulance. David was appointed HM Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire in 2010. 

NMC Mission, Objectives and Values 

Mission: NMC works together to support people affected by Muscular Dystrophy, creating an environment where full potential and optimal well-being can be achieved through employment, training and Physiotherapy. 


  • To enable adults with neuromuscular conditions to maintain or improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

  • To provide a range of services, opportunities and support to improve the quality of lives for individuals affected both directly and indirectly by neuromuscular conditions. 

  • To provide adults with neuromuscular conditions with opportunities to lead fulfilling and economically productive lives 

  • To enable people with neuromuscular conditions to expand and fulfill their potential 


  1. We are a caring organisation with an open management style, which values and respects the individual  

  2. We enjoy what we do, creating a warm, welcoming and positive environment  

  3. We are an inclusive community which is informed, influenced and guided by people with neuromuscular conditions for people with neuromuscular conditions. 

  4. We create and maintain an environment where disability is no barrier to achievement 

  5. We are innovative, creative and ambitious 

  6. We celebrate our successes and achievements 

  7. We believe it is important to create a high level of understanding of what we do in the wider community 

  8. We have the highest ethical and professional values and standards 

We have people come from all over the UK, from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances
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