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Community Fundraising

There’s lots of ways you can fundraise for NeuroMuscular Centre!

Whether you’re a rotary group, a school, a club or association, a business, or just someone who fancies a go at fundraising, we’d love to hear from you and help you with anything you might need to achieve your fundraising target.

Get in touch at or call 01606 861733.

Fundraising Ideas

You’ve decided to fundraise, and now you just need a fab idea to put into action!

Whether you want to go it alone or with a group, we have a whole list of ideas for you.

Looking for something virtual? Plenty of our ideas can be tweaked to take place virtually! 

Our handy fundraising pack has lots of tips, ideas and advice on how to get involved and support our work!

Fundraising: What’s Next?

You’ve got your idea and now you’re wondering what to do next!


Setting up a JustGiving page is a great way to collect donations, and they collect the Gift Aid too, meaning your supporters can make an even bigger contribute at no extra cost to themselves.


Visit to set yours up and get sharing!


Need help? Please see our tutorial below and top tips from JustGiving on how to make your page as successful as possible.

The many volunteers that support NMC by giving their time, energy, skill and expertise are also very much an essential element of our community.
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