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Fishing Club


We are always on the lookout for new members and volunteers, so if you are interested please contact Paul at or by calling 01606 861733.

NMC Fishing Club

Our NMC Fishing Club was created a few years ago following a successful fishing day, where we discovered that many people in our community were previous fishers or had an interest in fishing but had not been able to pursue this due to their condition.

The trip was so successful that a further event was soon scheduled, and thanks to the generous support of the Angling Trust and Cheshire Angling Development Group who donated £1100 to purchase all the equipment necessary to get started, the NMC Fishing Club was born!

The NMC Fishing Club was created and is run by Paul Baddeley, NMC’s Fundraising Administrator, and Shaun Buckley, a key NMC service user and volunteer.

In 2023, the NMC Fishing Club had five great days at The Old Hough Coarse Fishery in Middlewich, and the weather even managed to stay dry for some of them!

More fishing days will be organised for 2024, so if you fancy having a go or would like more information, please do get in touch! You don't need your own equipment as it is provided. You will need a rod licence.

You can also join our Facebook Group at

2024 Fishing Dates
  • Tuesday 21st May fishing on Boulders

  • Tuesday 11th June fishing on Big Max

  • Tuesday 2nd July fishing on Lower Benbo

  • Thursday 25th July fishing on Boulders

  • Thursday 15th August fishing on Lucky Dip

At Old Hough fisheries, CW10 0HQ. From 9:30am

Snacks and refreshments provided (bring your own mug)

Bring your own seat and lunch.

In 2023, the NMC Fishing Club had five great days at The Old Hough Coarse Fishery in Middlewich.
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