Return of Physio

The NMC has taken many steps to ensure the staff and visitors are as safe as possible when coming in to the NMC. This has allowed us to resume treatments for the individuals we believe are in most need.

The centre and the process are very different.

Please read below to see what you will experience.

If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to ring 01606 861799 or email 

NMC Therapies are currently providing some hands on treatment and gym sessions.


We are also happy to chat about anything; we fully appreciate the relationship between loneliness, mental, and physical health. If you need anything from the team do not hesitate to get in contact. There is someone in the office all day.

For those attending for treatment

  • On Arrival to the centre you will begin the screening process with a staff member wearing appropriate PPE, please wait in your car for this to happen. 

  • The treating therapist is informed that the screening has been passed and puts on the appropriate PPE. 

  • The treatment is carried out maintaining distancing unless close contact is required. This is applied to chaperones and PAs/Carers who may also be in attendance.


  • Once treatment has finished you will leave promptly via the same entrance and be expected to leave the site as soon as possible.  

  • After you have left the treatment pod, the therapist will commence the cleaning of the treatment surfaces and other surfaces in the room using the provided disinfectant whilst still wearing PPE.   

  • When the area is sufficiently disinfected the therapist will remove PPE. 

  • There is a toilet assigned to each pod which you or your therapist can use if necessary. It is the individual's own responsibility to clean before and after using the toilet. 

These steps will reduce the risk of any infection as much as possible. 

Please only come to the centre if it has been arranged before your arrival.  

We are using the NMC building differently to enable a number of physio slots at any one time
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