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To find out more please contact Kay Briggs on 01606 863064, using our Contact Form or visit our Training and Development website.  

NMC Training provides an innovative and accessible range of courses and ways to study to suit those with neuromuscular conditions. All those with a neuromuscular condition are eligible to enroll and study at NMC, whatever their age.

The team of three highly expert tutors provide year-round support and guidance to students with neuromuscular conditions. Each student studies at their own pace and in a way to suit their particular needs and circumstances. Nothing is a barrier to learning. 

We have a home study option for the graphic design courses and taster sessions are available for any of our training courses to see whether it really meets your needs.

Throughout the year we also offer a wide range of workshops.

Graphic Design

We offer 3 Graphic Design courses.

  • Level 1: Introducing Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Level 2: Further development of Photoshop and Illustrator skills and introducing Adobe Indesign

  • Level 3: Working as a Professional Designer

Digital Music & Animation

The Digital Music courses use the musical software GarageBand. We offer both beginner and advanced courses. 

We also offer beginner and advanced level courses in Animation.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills courses give learners skills and confidence to be as independent as possible.

In addition to numeracy, literacy or communication skills, we can tailor courses to meet your needs. Eg. Interview Techniques, Budgeting, Cooking and many more!


NMC Training has delivered a number of workshops throughout the year including Photography, Pottery, Blogging, Gaming and 3D Printing.


Look out for more of these workshops in the future along with the following other workshops we hope to offer:

  • Film-making

  • Creative Writing

  • Nephology (study of clouds and cloud formation)

  • Cooking/Baking 

NMC has increased my confidence dramatically, gets me out of the house
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