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Advice Line - NMC remains open and there are people here to help.


If you’re a family member or Carer then you are equally welcome to contact us.

NMC is committed to meeting the needs of everyone in our community, and we are now operating an Advice Line between 9am and 4pm, Monday - Friday.


Please call 01606 860911 or 01606 861799


Matthew or Denise and one of the physio team will be on hand to take your calls and chat through whatever issues and challenges you’re facing and work through solutions with you.


Please don’t hesitate to call us just to have a chat and a bit of a catch up – we’d love to know how you’re doing and pick up any tips on isolation survival . These chats can be really important in times like this.

During or outside of these hours, you are also very welcome to send us a message via the Contact Form on the website or via our Facebook page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


The Coping with Coronovirus website has several self-help guides written by Trainee Clinical Psychologists from UCL which are useful resources for helping us manage our mental well- being at this time.

There is also the pdf document Useful Links for Disabled People COVID-19-UK  which is a list of resources relevant for disabled people during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Please see our NMC Coronovirus page for our full Coronovirus Statement.

Urgent Support


If you have an urgent need for help and support the NMC is geared up to try and help.

  • You may be isolated and unable to get out for crucial supplies.

  • You may be experiencing difficulties and want to borrow a piece of equipment to help

  • Something else that you need and just can’t get the help with

NMC has an urgent support service and will be aiming to get help to you as quickly as possible.


Get in touch with us on 07377996346 (7 days a week) or email Matthew or Denise via the Contact form on the website.


To contact the Therapies team please, 

telephone us on 01606 861799

or email nmc.physio@nmcentre.com

NMC Therapies


The NMC Therapies is not currently offering hands on treatments in the centre. Instead we are offering advice and information over the phone or email. Should you have any questions about your health, keeping active whilst at home or to talk about the current situation we are here.

We encourage everyone to continue their home exercise plans and remain active wherever possible.

We have produced a series of exercise and Pilates videos which you can follow at home.  Please see our Therapies Blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

On Wednesday's at 11:30am we also have our Facebook live exercise sessions with a Q+A.

We also have a Tai Chi DVD. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a copy.

Keep yourselves active and safe!

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