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Activity Week at Bendrigg Trust

The NMC is organising an activity week away at the Bendrigg Trust for young people in October this year and there will be a limited number of spaces. The NMC would like to offer this amazing opportunity to the NMC community as a chance for those of us with disabilities to get a week away doing something fun and enriching. It's a chance for us to get a break from our normal routines to do something new and exciting! The week in October (23rd - 27th) will be a four night and five day residential staying at the fully accessible and fully equipped Bendrigg Trust The NMC DofE cohorts have stayed at Bendrigg a number of times, taking part in activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, archery and orienteering so we are familiar with the set-up and level of accessibility provided. The activities are well thought out and really are fab! (My personal favourites are canoeing and archery 🙂). I have attached some photos of the activities and things we got up to at Bendrigg so you can have a look. For more photos and DofE info take a look at the NMC website:

If you are already registered for DofE then this activity week can be used as your practice or qualifying expedition. Everyone - no matter the level of ability - is included and are able to join in for all the activities. With that said, there is no pressure to do every single activity - unless you want to! The NMC will work with Bendrigg to tailor the activities and schedule to meet the needs of every individual in the group. If this sounds like something you want to be part of or if you have any questions then please just ask! You can talk to Denise ( or myself ( There are a limited number of spaces so let Denise or myself know by Monday 1st May if you would be interested!

Best wishes

Amy xx


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