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Gaming Day Success!!

We had a Gaming Day on 14th November 2022 which was a huge success!

We had a great turnout with 13 people with a variety of neuromuscular conditions plus an array of carers and NMC staff. Everybody joined in, one way or another – whether that was gaming, chatting, cheering on or eating their fair share of lunch! We ended up needing to provide more food for lunch as there were more people than expected.

We had four TV’s and consoles on the go including an Xbox 360 and Ps5, with games such as COD and Sonic – it got quite competitive at times! It was fantastic to see so many people there and enjoying themselves. It was a great opportunity for everyone who attended to meet and socialise with like-minded people who they may not have had a chance to chat too before.

We were joined by Everyone Can, a charity all about adaptive gaming and proving that ‘everyone can’ take part in gaming. The lovely guys from the charity did a short talk during the lunch break to explain a little about what they do. They then spent the afternoon talking to the Gaming Day attendees about how they can help those individuals, which was amazing and opened a lot of doors for people!

We’ve had nothing but great feedback about the whole day and so we are hoping to have Gaming Days as regular events throughout the year.

Our next Gaming Day at the NMC is Monday 23rd January 2023 at 10am-4pm.

There will be 2 video games in action - we are open to requests as to what games will be played on the day! You're welcome to bring your own game controller.

Lunch will be provided.

Places MUST be booked in advance. Please contact Amy: or 01606 860911 by Monday 16th January to secure your spot.

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