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Poetry Competition Winners!

Huge thanks to everyone that entered our poetry competition to celebrate National Poetry Day.

We are delighted to announce the winners...

3rd Place: Emma Acheson-Gray

2nd Place: Susan Cassell with Colours

WINNER: Nick Adigu-Burke with Look Up and Dry Your Eyes

Congratulations to our winners and here is Nick's poem:

You said, "It's not a sin to dry your eyes After my death, I will always be there In all the beauty you'll see in the Sky I'll be the glimmer of pearly Moonlight And the glide seen in Bird-flight I'll be the crimson painted in Sunrise And the warmth of the Sunshine I'll be the silver brushstrokes of Cloud-edge And the dusktime embers of the Sunset I'll be the patience in settling Snow And the vivacity in Lightning-bolts I'll be the Rainbow... A remembrance after the rain has gone A secret smile, to say, 'you're not alone' An arched beacon to fortify your hope."


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